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Authentic Activation Program

A twelve-week 1:1 program focused on personal healing, intuitive development and the activation and reveal of your highest, most authentic and aligned self.

This Mentorship Program is intuitive in nature, in that topics will differ week-to-week based on where you are in your journey on that day. 

Generally, topics may include the exploration into what limiting beliefs and Ego scripts may be keeping you stuck and stagnant today, how to create and maintain ritual, working with the Moon phases, intuitive development practices, learning to truth yourself, meditation practice, connection to higher self, boundaries, self-esteem, self-care practice, cultivating courage within the fear, shadow work, inner child healing, Ego and archetypes, reclaiming your self-expression and so much more! 

Investment for the Authentic Activation Program is $1111 CAD (plus tax). 

Payment options include PayPal, E-transfer and Credit Card. Payment plans can be made available with a deposit. All investments are non-refundable.

If you have further questions, request a discovery call here  or e-mail

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