Start your business with the

Business Activation Program

An eight-week 1:1 program focused on creating and starting a spiritual-based business in alignment with your authentic self and the abundance of the Universe.

This Mentorship Program is a beautiful mix of intuition and structure in order accomplish specific business-related goals. Topics may differ week-to-week based on where you are in your journey that day, while we explore business alignment with a clear and focused strategy. 

Generally, topics may include brand development, social media planning and post organization, money mindset, accounting, business name registration, insurance, consent forms, manifesting clients in alignment with your business, creation of offerings based on what lights you up rather than what you think people want to see, uncovering your unique and authentic light, finding balance between masculine and feminine business ideals and so much more! 

Investment for the Business Activation Program is $888 CAD (plus tax). 

Payment options include PayPal, E-transfer and Credit Card. Payment plans can be made available with a deposit. All investments are non-refundable.

If you have further questions, request a discovery call here  or e-mail

The Content Course with Portia Chambers

The Content Course (included in Mentorship) helps you create a structure to your content that allows you to stay organized and consistent while leaving tons of room for your authentic expression. The Content Course includes; 5 Modules & 20+ Lessons to help you create content that feels right, 4+ How-To-Videos, 30+ Call To Action Templates, 20+ Ways to Educate your audience, 40+ Content Ideas and TONS OF BONUSES!

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